LUCID Projects


Leveraging the Multi-Stakeholder Nature of Cyber Security

This project is designed to leverage the distributed, multiple human stakeholder nature of cyber security by developing a novel framework with the necessary scientific underpinning to improve stakeholder access to knowledge operationalised as a cutting-edge, data-driven Online CYber Security decision support System (OCYSS). OCYSS is designed to effectively integrate expert and user inputs, capturing individual component vulnerabilities as well as vulnerabilities arising from the interaction/combination of individual components, to efficiently deliver appropriate, user-tailored, balanced, informed and up-to-date threat analysis and decision support to users.


Open Food

The aim of the Prototyping Open Innovation Models cluster is to design and develop a new crowd sourced food and package design and innovation platform comprised of a suite of ICT tools for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and implementing "customers in the loop" co-creation product development processes. For LUCID, a key focus here is the exploration and exploitation of complex and vague consumer perceptions and expectations of food.


Fuzzy Logic for Supply Chain Modelling

Inventory management is an integrated approach to plan and control inventory while considering the whole network from suppliers to end users. Selection of an appropriate supplier is a crucial and challenging task in the effective management of a supply chain. Our research investigates the supplier selection problem using interval type-2 fuzzy sets and to develop the approach for rating and selecting best suppliers, allocating orders among them considering the rank of suppliers. We then use this information to optimise inventory management. This is one of the fuzzy logic centred, application led  projects in LUCID.